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GCC Polo Club Directory Founder Youssry Henien & The Henien Family - Providing A Needed Resource For The GCC Region


Youssry Henien and the Henien family for generations have been avid horse enthusiasts and international thoroughbred horse racing aficionados.

Youssry Henien has spent decades following equestrian sports around the globe. Youssry and his son Harry Henien's interest and involvement in thoroughbred racing led to Youssry's interest in the history and sport of Polo.

Youssry Henien has traveled extensively in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas during the past 20 years to watch the world's leading Polo players and matches. Youssry's keen interest in polo's rich history in the Gulf region and his love of the sport, motivated Youssry Henien and Harry Henien to launch the GCC Polo Club Directory.

Youssry Henien, Harry Henien and their family hope to use the GCC Polo Directory to share information about Polo in the Gulf and to encourage the development of the sport of Polo in throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries region.

Horses have historic connections to the region and Polo in the region dates back hundreds of years. Youssry Henien sees the growth of Polo in the GCC countries as a natural fit.

Youssry Henien is committed to helping the sport of Polo grow in the GCC region, and is looking for opportunities to broaden the public's awareness and understanding of the game. With a clear need for a GCC region directory of Polo Clubs, Youssry felt there was a need to develop an on-line source that includes a directory of Polo clubs and events calendar to serve as a resource to help inform Polo enthusiasts and people throughout the Gulf region about Polo club and event match event locations. As a result, Youssry hopes this site will help meet this need and provide you and others with the GCC region Polo information you are looking for need.

Please feel free to email Youssry Henien at with any Polo related information you think might be of interest to others. You may also visit Youssry Henien's Web site for more news.

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