Cosy bedroom – set it off with curtains

Cosy bedroom

Cosy bedroom in modern house

Modern day design and space arrangement isn’t favouring cosiness and warmth. Designators of modern style are minimalism, simplicity and functionality. All these are very often put to practice in industrial interiors. Industrial spaces are also typical for modern houses and flats. Interestingly, they are also against cosiness and warm welcoming atmosphere. After all, industrial interiors are characterised mostly by vast open spaces, raw walls made of concrete or brick, high ceilings and huge windows. These features makes industrial interiors appear cold, airy and spacious. There’s no place that you can simply curl up and lie down in the warm glow of lights surrounded by pillows. There’s simply too much space for warmth. Some people find this kind of space inviting and pleasant to live in, others tend to feel alienated and strange in interiors like that. They simply need boundaries that can make them feel enclosed and included.

Unfortunately, you can’t always choose your house. A space can be given to you to live in. If you’re not a fan of modern layout and design how can you find yourself and feel at ease in industrial interiors? First of all, you should think of dividing some space for cosy bedroom. Nicely furnished cosy bedroom located in a separate room with actual walls and door can be your private space where you can experience warmth and feel sheltered from the cold of the outside world. Cosy bedroom furnished according to your own preferences can be your safe place where you can cuddle up and dream on. The question is, how to make it truly cosy and welcoming? Walls themselves won’t make it intimate and comfortable bed won’t turn it into restful place. What’s there to do?

Cosy bedroom and curtains

Cosy bedroom is all about details, decorative elements and fabrics. After all, fabrics tend to absorb light and shine off. Fabrics can also stand for warmth and glow. If chosen properly they can truly make your bedroom intimate and welcoming. Curtains are the best place to start. As window covers that take quite as lot of space they are hugely responsible for room’s general atmosphere. When choosing curtains for your bedroom don’t overthink matching your curtains with wall paint or floor covers. Just go with your instinct and try things out. You can be pleasantly surprised with results.

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