Fake polo shirts

Polo shirts are very popular both among sportsmen and men who are not necessarily sports maniacs. They are a perfect solution for a casual social meeting. A stylish collar, cut and wide range of colours make polo shirts perfect for many occasions. Unfortunately on the market there are many fake polo shirts, which negatively influence established brand name. It is worth to avoid dishonest sellers and wrong perception of this cult product. This article discusses characteristic polo elements and presents interesting history of this product.

Let us remind, that the history of polo shirts dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when the famous French tennis player Jean René Lacoste performed in an original garment during one of the tournaments. His polo shirt drew the attention of other players who also wanted to have such comfortable and stylish outfit. After finishing his carrier, the famous tennis player decided to start his own sportswear company. Back then fake polo shirts would not have been popular – everybody wanted to have a characteristic shirt marketed under the name of Lacoste. The entrepreneur decided to go for playful crocodile logo, which was an allusion to his characteristic feature – the big nose.  “Le Crocodile” would have never allowed fake polo shirts to outclass his cult product.

However nowadays the market is full of shirts that differ greatly from the original. Fake polo shirts are sold by both retail and wholesale sellers. Let us remind, that the original polo shirt should be made of ‘piqué’ fabric, whose structure resembles the surface of a wafer. Such weaving allows air exchange and protects from over-perspiration. Besides, fake polo shirts often have a different collar and this should be soft and the user should be able to raise it if need be. Polo also has a three-button neckline. The shirt should be slightly longer at the back so that it can be tucked into trousers. So, if you see a shirt described as “polo”, make sure it meets these standards. Otherwise, you’re dealing dishonest seller and fake polo shirt.

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