Famous brands – isn’t the alternative worth your time and money?

Famous brands

Famous brands – where lies their power

adidas brandBrands are very powerful. There’ no denying this simple fact. Once a given brand becomes famous and popular they can gradually grow in their power and gain more meaning. Of course, there’s no saying what exactly makes brands popular and where lies their power. Famous brands that anyone can easily name haven’t always been famous. What made them and their products different and popular? Although, such questions are easy to ask, they aren’t equally easy to answer. And honestly there’s no answer. Famous brands each have different stories to tell – what made them famous are for example – timing, planned marketing strategy, brilliant idea, a stupid mistake or a clever one. Summing up, brands are famous because of the circumstances.

It’s the circumstances that make brands popular. Although, it’s not actually easy to define what circumstances are it’s easy to imagine them. Think of  an apple falling down on Newton’s head – it’s the setting, the landscape the whole picture that’s both whole and complete as well as unfinished and detailed. Famous brands grow from the circumstances that surround their offers or products, or even simply their history. What’s interesting, once you actually understand this you realize that it’s not always the quality of the product that draws customers. It’s just the inner power of a brand’s story. You can also call it the narrative that developed around a given brand.

Famous brands – can anyone be famous

brandOf course, it’s relatively easy for famous brands to sell their products or services. Does it mean that other brands have no say in business? Of course, it doesn’t. First of all, brands wouldn’t actually be famous if it wasn’t for the surrounding them other brands, at first sight nameless and weaker. Secondly, famous brands don’t always sell the best products. When you take representative products from a  given category and compare their qualities and properties you can easily see that objectively the best products aren’t always flag products of famous brands.

Therefore, you shouldn’t limit your choices only to the products offered by famous brands. After all, you’re not buying the  name – you’re buying the product itself. Of course, there are situations when famous brands, logos and names matter more than actual quality of a given product. In such cases it’s always best to choose famous brand. Yet, if you’re actually careful with money it may be better to weigh your options carefully. Take your time to compare options, properties of products that you’re interested in and only than make your choice, based on factual information and not on circumstantial hearsay.

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