Fashion of the 60’s – elegance and emancipation

Fashion of the 60’s

Fashion of the 60’s – elegance and emancipation

Fashion of the 60’s is often identified as a time of intense transformations, also in the domain of women’s clothing. Mini skirts and pointed hats were in great demand. What’s interesting, apart from the above-mentioned combinations, women also chose long skirts reaching the ankles. These skirts are making their way back in today. It is also important to mention hippie and skin styles, which greatly differ from simple, classical style.

Colour and geometry

Fashion of the 60’s is an inspiration for women who appreciate elegance: this style is sophisticated, subtle and charming. Fashion of this decade is famous for bold colours, though the combinations were rather muted. The colours however were very saturated and pronounced. Blacks, whites, beiges, reds and all shades of navy blue were on top. The clothes had a unique geometry and cut. Clothes with original cut and colour were typical for the fashion of the 60’s. Designers used interesting colour combinations; the so-called Picasso patterns, dots, floral patterns and stripes. At the same time, the clothes preserved cut, which emphasized women’s figures. 2-button jackets and plastic buttons provided an effect of original elegance. All dresses, blouses and jackets were symmetrical. This was also important in terms of combining upper and lower part of the outfit. Everybody strived for perfect proportions in order to obtain a nice visual effect. Designers did their best to produce clothes in geometric shapes: box-like jackets, triangular collars and simple rectangular dresses were very popular back then.

Skin and hippie

Hippie is a characteristic style within fashion of the 60’s, but it remains in strong contrast with the classical dimension of this decade. Hippie is all about delicate, sheer dresses, blouses and skirts and above all floral patterns. Mod and skin styles had also won the hearts of stylists. Mod style is characterized by A-shaped dresses; sports jackets, bold colours and rebellious line drawn below the lower eyelid. Skin style is another trend, which emerged in the 60’s. Shaved heads, leather or jeans jackets and Martens boots – these are characteristic features of every skinhead. To sum up: 60’s fashion is a time of contrasts. It is a decade, which searched for freedom and individualism. Within this decade one can find several different, often contradictory trends. This proves how many changes occurred in this time. As we all know, the outfit is the best reflection of every woman’s soul. If you are looking for more fashion blogs visit innovationscurtaindesigns.co.uk


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