Fashion of the 70’s – the time of individualism

fashion of the 70’s

Eclectic fashion of the 70’s

The 70’s are the most eclectic decade. They are a mixture of sex appeal and elegance. In case of women, great attention was given to the hips, neckline, and the clothes were not exactly tight, but just slightly slinky. The wardrobes were full of jersey dresses and shirts, long and wide trousers, fine knitwear and various jackets. Fashion of the 70’s hasn’t entirely rejected romanticism, because its elements were visible in sheer dresses or classical blouses with big prints. Everyday fashion of the 70’s consisted of sportswear: caps, bags, sweatshirts and T-shirts. Patterned dresses, dresses draped under the bust, mini skirts, patterns and appliqués were mandatory at that time. Wedges were the remains of the hippie decade. The jewellery was big and fancy. The wood was connected with metal or heavy beads. Plastic jewellery was also fashionable. Fashion of the 70’s is an incredibly interesting time in reference to pop culture.

Fashion of the 70’s – the time of individualism

This decade can be a great inspiration for women, who are looking for an individual, unique style. All women can find something for themselves, no matter whether they are romantics who love flowers and sheer frills, teenage rebels or crazy hippies, who love freedom and independence. What is interesting, fashion of the 70’s was the beginning of American trend based on distinctiveness and individuality. Glamour style was also fashionable back then, and many designers promoted it on the European ground. If we consider punk style, which also perfectly fits within fashion of the 70’s, as well as the earlier mentioned mix of trends, it is not difficult to state, that this decade was full of diversity. For this reason, all women can find something for themselves in this eclectic decade. It is only the imagination that decides how we will combine particular styles. Many patterns of 70’s fashion allow women of all shapes and sized to dress in this style.

Masculine balance

Men’s fashion of the 70’s is a big comeback of three-part suits and casual combination of standard or slightly crazier T-shirts with jeans. This is how men tried to find a balance between the crazy and classical dimension, which characterized fashion of the 70’s. Women could wear flowers, pleats and frills, men however had to find their own ways.

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