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Net curtains

What are net curtains

Curtains can make a huge difference when it comes to home interior design and general appearance. Although, at first sight it may seem that curtains aren’t really that visible and game changing elements, they really are. The point is to choose them right so that they blend into the background and at the same time stand out a bit. How can you do it and what curtain types are the best in particular cases?

When it comes to curtains there’s plenty of choices. Yet, basically you can divide them all into two categories. These are: light and heavy types of curtains. With regards to light curtains there are: voiles, curtains, string curtains and light weave curtains. In case of heavy curtains there are double or triple woven curtains made from thick materials such as linen or smooth but heavy silk. Basically, these are the possible choices.

Net curtains are particularly interesting ones. What exactly are net curtains and how can they work for you? Those curtains are made of very thin material that’s very light and delicate. Net curtains often come in white colours and appear almost transparent. They can be made from various types of materials, the only condition is that they need to be light. Net curtains come in a variety of designs, shapes and lengths. Interestingly they can also come as plain or ornamented ones. There’s a lot of possibilities.

Net curtains and designs

We know net curtains’ qualities, yet the question remains, what can you do with net curtains so that they set of your rooms? With net curtains there’s plenty of possible arrangements and designs. Generally, it’s best to keep in mind that their delicacy and airiness makes them perfect for all kinds of rooms. However, due to their lightness they’re best during warmer months, when you want to let the air and sun in. Colder seasons like autumn or winter require more substance and protection from harsher weather conditions. During this gloomier times of year it’s best to set on something with heavy weave.

Yet, summer is perfect for net curtains to shine off, both metaphorically and literally. You can have truly stunning effects when you choose pure white curtains. Imagine a kitchen with short net curtains, pearly white and the way they shine when reflecting sun rays. Can you see it, can you make it your kitchen? Finally, if you’re bold enough think of coloured net curtains. Choose delicate and airy shades of blue, yellow or green. Add a little bit of life to your rooms, let the nature enter and stay with you for longer.

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