Polo shirts colours

Polo shirts colours

Discreet elegance, stylish ease, controlled nonchalance – this is polo shirt for you! Nothing can replace classical shirt during casual meetings as well as polo shirt. Various polo shirt colours add to their universality.

Polo shirts owe their characteristic cut to the famous French tennis player René Lacoste, who has initiated the cult of a white cotton shirt with short sleeves and collar at the beginning of the 20th century. The sportsman performed in this garment during US Open tournament in New York. Back then, all sportsmen wanted to have the same shirt. Later Lacoste started his own company, which introduced a new era of sportswear fashion. Several years after the start of the tennis clothing company, the great interest in the cult product doubled Lacoste’s fame and fortune. At that time the company produced 300 000 polo shirts per year, but polo shirts colours were only limited to white.

Basically, polo shirt colours should be kept in traditional white. This way the classical style of this garment would be retained. However, as time passed, polo shirt colours evolved. Today polo shirt comes in all colours. Each man can find something that suits his taste and requirements. Dominant colours, apart from white, are red and black; other colours are less popular. Nowadays polo shirts are not always produced from piqué, but also from modern, synthetic fabrics. Their main advantage is that they are lighter than traditional models. Sellers offer all colours starting from white, through yellow, to navy blue and black. This way every man, no matter whether he is a sportsman or not can wear a polo shirt. Polo shirt colours have a significance, because they are often the only distinctive element of the outfit. Sometimes however, when they are covered with a sweater or a blazer, they only compliment the outfit. Nevertheless it is an interesting option that fits between classical shirt and an ordinary t-shirt. Polo shirt, regardless of colour, is a good alternative for casual social meetings. It is important to wear it correctly: the bottom of the shirt should be tucked into trousers and it is best if you use a belt. Then, you will retain  classy style with a hint of controlled nonchalance. Elegant style does not always mean you have to wear an obligatory tie!


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