Shirt – tips

Shirt – tips on how to buy the perfect one

A fitted shirt is an indispensable element of every man’s wardrobe. It can’t be neither too tight nor too loose, because it will lose a shape and will distort the silhouette. You should have several of them in your wardrobe, especially if your work requires an elegant presence and you have to wear a suit frequently.  We will tell you how to buy the perfect shirt and what to look for during the selection. Here we go!

Buying a shirt – helpful tips:

  1. Determine the cut. Remember that custom fit cut is the most universal and fits to most men. In turn, custom fit (or straight) cut will satisfy a little bit stouter men, while the slim (waisted) cut should be chosen by slim men who can boast a flat belly and proportioned build.
  2. Find your size. To do this, you need to know your height and size of the collar. There shouldn’t be any problems with the height. However, as for the collar, you will know its size when you measure your neck and add the width of one or two fingers to the obtained result.
  3. Check the length of the shirt and sleeves. The shirt should be long enough so that it can be easily put into trousers. As for the sleeves – their cuffs should “go out” by the wrists.
  4. Decide on the cuffs. Double cuffs are fastened with cuff-links. They are more elegant. Instead, single ones are buttoned. They are less formal and right for everyday use.
  5. Pay attention to the material from which the shirt is made. The best and most comfortable are cotton ones, but they crease. Nevertheless, they let your skin to breathe, and it is a very important advantage. You will also find flannel shirts – perfect for everyday use, made from cotton mixed with synthetic materials (they don’t crease, but they are not very comfortable and they can escalate getting sweaty), jeans shirts – comfortable and great for less formal occasions, linen and silk shirts. These first work very well, especially in summer, because they are breathable. The silk ones are distinguished by their softness and naturalness. They are thin and they have delicate sheen. They look great with a suit.
  6. Look at the quality. In particular, draw your attention to the information concerning the basis weight of the material and the type of cotton. Shirts of greater weight are more soft, tough and less susceptible to damages or tears. As for the type of cotton, the best ones include: Egyptian and Sea Island. However, it should be stressed that shirts made from such materials cost a lot.
  7. Look at the collar. You need to know that there are several types of them: kent, wingtip, cutaway/spread, button-down and stand-up collar.
  8. The last thing you need to pay attention to is the color and the pattern. Smooth, white and blue shirt is the safest choice, because it fits to almost every tie and suit.

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