Suits types

sutis types

Suits and their types

Every man should have at least one well-tailored suit in his wardrobe. It’s style must be well-fitting to a silhouette, and the color should be suited to the type of beauty. Therefore, during fittings you should pay attention to whether it fits good, looks nice on the shoulders and on the back, and whether trousers length is appropriate. If you don’t know what kind of suit will be the most appropriate for you, don’t buy a pig in a poke but just ask a shop assistant for help or learn more in our article.

Suit – the characteristics of specific types:

  • Classic suit – what makes it exceptional is simple, no-fitted jacket with one slit and trousers with a high waist and darts. What is important, lower part of trousers is additionally reinforced by a tape, and also a four-buttoned vest is included in the set. Classic and very traditional suit providing comfortableness. It covers curves of the waist perfectly and doesn’t restrict movement.
  • English suit – the set includes: fitted jacket with quilted details, two slits and viscose lining, two buttons fastened and trousers with a low waist, darts, straight leg, which at the height of the knees are reinforced with the lining and on the bottom – with special tape. Very fashionable and perfectly emphasizes a slim silhouette. Also available in extra slim, in which the jacket is slightly shorter and legs are slightly narrowed.
  • French suit – its advantages are fitted jacket with one slit, which perfectly emphasizes a silhouette. Combined with trousers with lowered waist (hiphuggers) and straight legs, which instead of tabs have darts. Of course trousers’ legs have a lining on the knee, so they don’t crease there and the bottom is reinforced with a tape. The jacket has two buttons, but it should never have both buttons fastened.
  • Smoking – more elegant than a suit, so it is perfect for a night out. Wedding is a good opportunity to wear it. The set includes the jacket which has a tight waistline with a satin button fastening, with a shawl, satin collar, one slit and viscose lining and straight cut trousers, with higher or lower waist, with reinforcements on the knees and on the bottom of legs and with a stripe (version with a stripe is usually made exceptionally by individual client’s order). It’s a classic outfit which requires some accessories such as a bow tie and a belt.
  • Tails – eveningwear, which should be worn for special occasions. The jacket has long tails, the forepart is short and has two buttons, which are not fastened !, waisted cut, satin collar and viscose lining. The trousers are straight and very classic cut, and their most characteristic element is a satin stripe. They can have higher or lower waist. Of course, at the knees and at the bottom the legs are reinforced.


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