What to wear in winter

100 ideas what to wear in winter

100 ideas what to wear in winter are tips for people bored with the classical winter fashion. Used to our old habits, we tend to forget that we also have the right to a little bit of nonchalance. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to completely transform our winter image. In this article we present some suggestions how to diversify your outfit in order to give it a unique character.

100 ideas what to wear in winter = colours

A deep, intense colour is the most obvious solution to bring some charm into your outfit. Reds, yellows, turquoises worn together with black, will give you this bold look you are after. It is all about contrasts: an ordinary grey or beige jacket complimented with a colourful scarf instantly becomes vibrant. Winter is white and often devoid of sun. It’s time to make the atmosphere livelier, and awaken the senses. The colours will paint our personality and will bring some magic into a cloudy day.

100 ideas what to wear in winter = patterns

Stripes, check, geometric figures – patterns are fashionable! Depending on your style, your wardrobe and creativity, you can compose unique outfits for every occasion. No one said that flower patterns are only appropriate for the summer. Let’s break the rules and not be afraid of bold image. Regardless of age, we can always wear a polka dot scarf or striped hat. The jacket doesn’t necessarily have to be in a uniform colour, an interesting print will surely diversify our outfit.

100 ideas what to wear in winter = cut

Cut is the distinct shape, way in which clothing is composed. Usually we tend to choose ordinary, common cuts, so that we feel safe and…normal. But don’t we look a little bit boring? It’s time to break the routine and become open for innovative solutions, for example jackets with a longer back or asymmetric coat.

100 ideas what to wear in winter = lace, pompoms, tassels

What kind of people will draw our attention in a crowd? Of course the ones who are smiling! Unusual elements in our outfit such as pompoms, tassels or lace can also function as a smile. A hat in an interesting shape, earmuffs with a funny motif, big print on the coat – why not give it a try! Let’s smile to others in order to give our image an interesting look. The others will perceive us as nice people, open towards the whole world. And this is what it’s all about!


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