We are choosing winter shoes – helpful tips

winter shoes

We are choosing winter shoes – helpful tips

Winter is slowly coming to an end, but there are still cold and snowy days, in which winter shoes are indispensable. The purchase of the perfect ones is a real challenge. They need to look great, be comfortable and tough. How to choose winter shoes for men, which allow using them for many years successfully? Here are some helpful tips.

The purchase of the perfect winter shoes – universal tips:

  • Obtain at least two pairs of shoes – the first one should be elegant, narrower and with thinner soles, and the second one should be for everyday use, more massive and with thicker soles.
  • Point your eyes on models which are universal, classic and timeless that will never go out of fashion despite changing trends. It is better to invest in good shoes once without a necessity to buy the next one for a few more seasons than going to the shops every year to find the next pair.
  • Remember that winter shoes should be made of high quality materials. The best is natural leather because it is durable, tough it does not wear down quickly, and shoes made of it does not deform and present very nicely on the leg. Apart from that, a leather is breathable and allows the foot to “breathe”. While trying on the next models, pay attention to its thickness. Too thin does not provide sufficient protection to the foot and it will wear faster, so it is better to resign from shoes made of it.
  • Make sure the inside of the shoe has a warming. Against all appearances it shouldn’t be thick and furry, because it may overheat the foot. However, many of the shoes it is made of non-tray fabric, which does not provide the warmth. Therefore it is better to choose shoes with a slight but natural warming and on colder days wear thick, woolen socks.
  • Pay attention to the sole. It should be quite thick, especially in shoes which are going to be used everyday and on cold days. The best are trappers, with deep cuts that will ensure a stability and will minimize the risk of slipping on icy surfaces or soles made of rubber – they also isolate the foot from the cold ground quite well and they provide a convenience.
  • Do not forget that winter shoes (see more here)  should be a slightly bigger than those you wear in other periods of the year. Free space will enable you to put on thicker socks and will provide better thermal insulation. When the foot adheres to the shoe we don’t feel the cold that much. That is why we recommend you buying “looser” ones.
  • Take into account that smooth leather shoes are easier to keep clean than those made of nubuck. Just wipe them with a damp cloth and polish them. Unfortunately, the nubuck is easier to get dirty because of its matte texture and the stains can be difficult to remove.

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